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Posted 2 years ago

Climate Capital is looking for a dynamic, hungry & brilliant up-and-comer in venture capital who is passionate about addressing climate change and supporting exceptional founders.

While your primary role will be to write investment memos & run syndicate allocations on AngelList, the intention is for you to gain the experience to begin sourcing, diligencing, and running your own deals.

The memos don't need to be long but they do need to be compelling, establishing our investment thesis with supporting evidence, primarily leveraging the investor deck provided by the company with some online research (latest press, etc.).

Secondarly, your role will be:

  • Portfolio management (quarterly newsletter, portfolio asks, etc)
  • LP recruitment & managment (sourcing LPs for the fund, owning key LP relationships)
  • Diligence (researching specific companies, broad industries, etc)
  • Deal sourcing (owning key ecosystem relationships)
  • Social media management (LinkedIn & Twitter)
  • Slack community management

The ideal candidate has:

  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Incredible writing skills
  • An ability to own key relationships (founders, LPs, Partners) with responsivness & kindness
  • A sense of humor :)

You'll primarly be working with me, Sundeep, a 3x founder-turned-investor who's been in climate for a decade. You can learn a bit more about my personal background here.

Climate Capital is already a leading early-stage firm (portfolio) and our intention is for us to become a truly icnonic brand in climate-impact investing.

You'll also be supporting the efforts of Duro Ventures (portfolio), my non-climate fund.

Role can be full-time or part-time; comp is a combination of cash & carry, though the hope here is you're more excited about carry than cash :)

Title / comp depends on experience; the more senior you are, the more responsibility we'd be excited to offer you.

Climate Capital
Climate Capital is an investment firm that supports companies that directly or indirectly reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.
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