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About Purpose Venture Group

The world’s biggest problems have nothing on our biggest ideas. Whether they are tackling rising temperatures or rising inequality, thousands of entrepreneurs are racing to grow game-changing concepts into needle-moving ventures. They’re the entrepreneurs motivated by purpose, inspired by big bets, and committed to results. Yet too often they’re also the ones getting stalled. Held back by complex market forces they don’t see or understand. Dissuaded by policy and political levers they don’t know if or how to pull. Frustrated by the lack of sophisticated partners and support that too often comes with taking the lonely path.

At Purpose Venture Group, we not only help entrepreneurs manage the complexity of market transformation and social change, we help them tap into its power. We are a team of experts who know how to find advantage in policy and market dynamics. We then build and execute a strategy that turns the advantage into impact. Impact that can be felt. In real life. In real places. And in real time.

We’ve held senior positions on Wall Street and in the White House, in philanthropy, nonprofits and startups, and we’ve built and scaled a few ventures of our own. So we understand the long journey between a world-changing idea and changing the world. But we also understand the stakes are far too high to ever think small, give up or slow down. We find ways forward that are faster, easier and infinitely more impactful for the planet we live on and all those who share it.


Job Description: As an Associate, you will have a broad range of responsibilities, working across multiple Purpose Venture Group clients and initiatives in support of the above goals:

  • Analysis and Deliverables Creation: You will conduct quantitative and qualitative analysis of market opportunities and potential new business models, including Excel-based operational and financial modeling, in service of developing a view of the highest leverage opportunities for a given product or initiative. You will also help develop decks, memos and other client-facing content that communicate PVG’s analysis in compelling and impactful ways. 
  • Project and Client Management: You will help lead day-to-day project management and execute an array of client-related tasks. You will collaborate with PVG’s founders and vice presidents to organize, generate and complete tasks that serve the long-term strategic objectives of each project and client. 
  • Research: You will manage an array of research projects related to client deliverables and PVG initiatives. These include market landscape surveys, competitive landscape analysis and public policy reviews. We are looking for someone who is excellent at synthesizing and distilling information from a broad array of sources into actionable insights.
  • Policy Analysis / Development: You must have a facility and appetite for engaging in the review of public policy across sectors as diverse as climate change, building electrification, mobility, financial services, access and inclusion, economic and community development, and higher education. You will develop insights from existing policy frameworks into new models and approaches to unlock markets and opportunity for clients, PVG initiatives and the communities we serve.  

Who you are:

  • 1-4 years of research, policy and project management experience
  • Excellent analytical skills, with the ability to gather qualitative and quantitative data and develop actionable insights and recommendations
  • Strong written, presentation, verbal reasoning and communication skills
  • High EQ: Excellent interpersonal skills, with the ability to evaluate and manage the interests of multiple stakeholders in order to come to reasoned, “win-win” solutions
  • Capacity to juggle multiple projects – across disparate subject matter areas – delivering on time, consistent and high-quality results 
  • A deep commitment to doing the work and working with urgency, integrity and joy
  • Fluency in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • [Bonus points] Experience with designing digital communications (formatted reports, etc.), web design tools and/or creating within design software such as Adobe Photoshop or InDesign
  • [Bonus points] Experience working in social impact, public policy, mission-driven finance or venture capital
Purpose Venture Group
Advising and incubating community-centered ventures
Size:  1-10 employees
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