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Bedrock Energy is on a mission to transform the heating & cooling of buildings, using geothermal energy to radically reduce costs for people and the environment. We know that the earth underneath our cities holds extraordinary, untapped capacity to accelerate the clean energy transition, and Bedrock is gathering exceptional talent to scale this carbon-free, hyper-efficient, ultra-safe geothermal energy to buildings throughout the world. We seek to work with creative, collaborative, proactive team members who inspire us with their high standards of excellence, integrity, and commitment to our shared mission. We welcome you to join the Bedrock Energy team in empowering one another to innovate together, as we decarbonize buildings everywhere.
You will be responsible for designing and implementing a wide variety of integrated and intelligent technologies in support of geothermal heating and cooling, such as borefield design, drilling controls, and geothermal system performance management and maintenance. You will collaborate with a growing team of technologists to deliver the first version of our novel drilling and heat pump technologies. In doing so, you will also help set the early foundation of our engineering organization’s culture, processes, systems, and standards.
Ideally this position will be based out of Austin, TX; Los Angeles, CA; or SF Bay Area, CA. However, other remote locations may also be considered.


  • We’re looking for software engineers with a physics, mechanical engineering or related background who love solving difficult problems using modern software engineering principles.  Examples of projects may include:
  • Simulating the heat exchange of an integrated heat pump and subsurface geothermal system based on the properties of its surrounding rock and internal fluids
  • Automating the design of a geothermal borehole field based on a building’s heating and cooling requirements
  • Designing real-time feedback systems using tensile force analysis principles for drilling equipment
  • Modeling the optimal energy usage of a building over many decades of use as it interacts with a geothermal system
  • Attuning climate control systems over time with predictive analytics and building automation


  • Degree(s) in computer science, statistics, engineering, physics, or related fields: This is a software engineering position that requires a strong understanding of mechanical engineering and physical sciences. We do not expect all candidates to have formal education or experience in geothermal and fluid drilling systems, but we are looking for candidates who demonstrate potential to learn quickly from Bedrock team members
  • PhD + 2 years of industry experience, or MS + 4 years of industry experience, or BS + 6 years of industry experience
  • Experience with Python (required) and C++ (preferred); other common technologies in modern systems, such as: Python (pandas, Flask, SQLAlchemy, NumPy); relational databases and SQL; JSON and REST APIs; machine learning
  • Experience collaborating in cross-functional engineering environments
  • Passion for the clean energy transition 


  • Proactivity: You take ownership, offer hypotheses, and hold yourself accountable.
  • Coachability: You welcome & react constructively to feedback and seek new skills with gusto.
  • Excellence: You hold yourself, and your team members, to high standards of performance.
  • Creativity: You enjoy finding resourceful, unconventional, flexible solutions to problems. 
  • Integrity: You take pride in ethical, honest behavior, no matter who is around to see it.
  • Compassion: You remember empathy, respect, and care in your interactions with others.
  • Commitment to Diversity: You actively look to surround yourself & collaborate inclusively with people who are different from you in experience, background, worldview, and resources.
Bedrock Energy is building a strong culture based on our Organizational Values. In addition, we are committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace. Bedrock Energy is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, disability, age, or other legally protected status.
Bedrock Energy
Catalyzing a distributed geothermal energy industry
Size:  1-10 employees
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