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Posted 2 years ago


What if it were possible to build buildings with materials that don’t make the climate inhospitable, destroy ecosystems, and harm humans?

Building materials are responsible for approximately 11% of all global greenhouse gas emissions, and real estate development firms are facing increasing investor pressure, local regulations, and tenant demand to build more sustainably. However, there are currently no tools that allow real estate developers and architects to efficiently discover and procure materials that meet their sustainability requirements. 

Tangible is a platform to decarbonize the built environment.


We are excited to be building out the research arm of our company, and are offering an internship in the Summer of 2022 to expand upon the catalog of sustainable building products on the site.

Some of the things you’ll be working on:

  • Building out a database of products
  • Researching industry-specific requirements by product category
  • Researching sustainability standards for building materials across attributes including carbon, material health, and social equity
  • Mapping complex datasets onto one another


The ideal candidate will have experience with built environment sustainability, data analysis, and translation of scientific concepts into actionable metrics. They will be deeply passionate about putting their skills to work to address climate change and eager to join an ambitious, fun-loving, and radically caring team that imagines the world as it should be rather than as it is.

About you:

  • Current undergraduate or graduate student
  • Prior research experience
  • Expertise in built environment sustainability or material science preferred but not required
  • Experience working in a fast-paced, iterative environment
  • Creative thinking and strong problem-solving skills
  • Strong desire to make an impact


We are…

  • Respectful Empathizers who build with people in mind, and are intentional about crafting a culture that is regenerative and restorative
  • Grounded Imaginers who poke holes in current modes of thought and turn tables on the status quo
  • Courageous Activators who dare to imagine tomorrow’s world and bring our crazy to work (in a good way)
  • Playful Experimenters who read things, learn new skills, and make space for boredom in order to see connections between disparate fields
  • Humble Learners who don’t sweat the small stuff, say yes more than no, and “add grease to the slip n’ slides, not gravel”
  • Intentional Connectors who build bridges, not walls, and make friends with collaboratorsbecause we need all hands on deck if we’re going to solve climate change
  • Signal Seekers who try not to reinvent the wheel and are instead laser-focused on how we can be most impactful 
  • Fun-Loving Nerds who take climate change seriously but not ourselves :)


  • Livable salary
  • Flexible working hours and ability to work remotely
  • Pet-friendly office in SF

If interested, please email with your resume and a 1-sentence description of why this sounds fun to you!

Climate tech company focused on the built environment
Size:  1-10 employees
Year Founded:  2021
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