Product Manager (Product Discovery Leader)
Europe · Remote
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Posted 3 years ago

We're ClimateView, a climate technology company helping cities execute their transition to net zero. We've raised our Series A (€10m). We've got a truly unique and valuable product, and we're getting traction across the world.

With a seasoned product team we have since inception put the best of Agile and Product Discovery theory into practice. (we’ve even won awards for it, like this one from FastCompany, and Techarenan)

If you are a great product leader, this might be the place where you can have the largest impact on the climate transition. Your role is to continuously develop the vision of the ClimateOS platform, and at the same time understand the deepest tactical details of delivery. Take complete responsibility for the product, its direction and its value.

You’re tasked with:

  • Upholding a high pace of innovation together with the dev team, while making sure the teams can focus.
  • Ensuring they can deliver continuously in small increments, while avoiding parallel tracks.
  • Upholding a backlog that explores high risks early, while ensuring iterative value creation. (Yes, it can be done)

You have the ability to create and test hypotheses, and throw away darlings ruthlessly, sketch and test features with users long before they exist in the product, through mockups, paper prototypes, interviews et al.

ClimateView was founded through the premises of LeanUX, Lean startup, and Agile. Our very first sold version of the product was a 5m paper prototype. From there, we have developed every new iteration, all the way to the ClimateOS platform, together with our users.

And here comes the meta part: The ClimateOS platform is in itself made to untangle complex problems in an ever-changing solution set, with multiple stakeholders. We are taking the essence of great product development, and applying that to help solve the biggest challenge the world has ever faced.

We are building Product Discovery Teams. The title you have today might be UX, product Manager or Product Owner. Depending on your background your role in the team will be different, but regardless of title, your joint mission will be the same: to help fix climate globally.

Additional information

  • Remote status

    Fully remote

ClimateView is a climate action technology company helping cities transform climate planning into progress
Size:  11-50 employees
Funding Level:  Early-stage Startup
Total Amount Raised:  $12.3 M
Year Founded:  2018
GGV Capital
Max Ventures
Norrsken VC
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