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The Role

WattCarbon is hiring a Business Development Representative.

About this role
WattCarbon is adding a Business Development Representative to its team. We are envisioning this role as a three month contract to start. We expect that the the role will turn into a full time position afterwards. You will be our first business development hire, and will be responsible for building and maintaining the sales pipeline and supporting our founder / CEO throughout the sales cycle. The sales cycle is long lead and high value, requiring a thoughtful, personal and polished approach to all business development efforts.

About WattCarbon
WattCarbon has launched the first clean energy market aimed at rapidly scaling distributed energy technology, including rooftop solar & storage, electrification, and demand response. Our buildings are responsible for 40% of US and global emissions. By scaling distributed clean energy, we can eliminate these emissions today. We partner with climate-driven companies & organizations, directing funding towards these technologies to lower costs, accelerate deployment, and promote energy equity across the US.

The Company You Will Join
We are an early stage startup. You would be the first person in your role and the eighth full-time team member. We are open to any applicant who lives in the US - but you will be expected to work Pacific time zone hours and you should be comfortable working in a fully distributed, remote-first company. Our team lives in three different cities (and one RV). We prioritize personal growth and professional satisfaction and encourage applications from individuals who want to have an outsized impact on a consequential problem. As we are a small company, there is significant room for professional growth and development as we expand.

The Team You Will Join
You will support and report to the CEO and work closely with the rest of the product and strategic partnerships teams.

What You’ll Do


  • Develop outbound mailing lists of qualified leads in corporate climate, sustainability, and clean energy procurement
  • Conduct thoughtful, personalized and professional cold outreach to 1,000+ high value leads
  • Thorough research to inform outbound approach & CEO pre-call briefings
  • Attend sales and business development meetings/calls to take notes and manage next steps
  • Manage and execute all next steps & follow ups, including providing CEO with clear next steps, liaise with internal team on client needs, manage timelines of client deliverables
  • Daily management of CRM systems
  • Ongoing long-lead CRM management to maintain warm client/prospect relationships
  • Daily meetings CEO to pre-brief on upcoming sales calls and review follow up execution
  • Create content as necessary for BD meetings

Skills & Experience

  • 2+ years of related experience in the industry, or 5+ years in business development with an interest in moving into climate
  • Great emailer with soft skills to garner high response rate
  • Strong communication skills with attention to detail and polish
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Strong EQ to track & translate leads non-verbal signals
  • Positive & persistent in lead generation & outreach methods
  • General understanding of corporate sustainability & clean energy procurement in order to pre-qualify leads and brief BD lead

Company Culture
Our company values trust, communication, and consistency.
We start with a belief in each other and in the reason for our work. We generally subscribe to the idea that Marx was correct about the alienation of labor and we organize ourselves purposefully to provide flexibility around family commitments, ensure opportunities for substantive input into business decisions, and prioritize personal growth. In our day-to-day work, we operate with a high degree of trust for each other and over communicate when the path forward seems unclear. We hold weekly planning meetings, company-wide meetings on Fridays, cross-team 1:1s, and ad-hoc meetings in between to keep ourselves on the same page.

We take our time when we do work, as we want to provide ourselves with learning opportunities and room to improve processes as we develop new areas of the company. We are committed to treating mistakes as learning events and assuming best intentions. We prefer to spend our energy improving collective processes rather than seeking blame.

We share our successes, stresses, and mistakes as a team and celebrate individual contributions. Each week before the company-wide meeting, we write individual agenda items, progress updates, and cheers to give everyone space to discuss what they feel is important.

Our company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion is represented by its remote-first principles, through intentionality in recruitment, hiring, and retention efforts, through company benefits and pay practices, and through an expectation that we will treat every individual with dignity, respect, and compassion.

Salary and Benefits
This role will be filled on a contract basis for the first three months. Pay will be $7,000/month. At the end of three months, consideration for a permanent role will be given.

Next Steps
To apply, please submit a resume and cover letter to Attention to detail is important for this role. In your cover letter, please incorporate a reference to your favorite music so that we know you've read this far down in the job description. We’re a small company, so we really value what you have to say. Tell us about yourself, how this role fits into your career goals, and answer the following question: Given all of the different ways that you might be able to impact climate change, why are you interested in working for our company specifically?

WattCarbon develops decarbonization measurement and verification tools to track the carbon intensity of building energy use.
Size:  1-10 employees
Year Founded:  2021
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