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Posted 2 years ago

Our Mission

RightHandGreen is building "climate benefits": software for employers to subsidize EVs, eBikes, renewable electricity, rooftop solar, heat pumps, induction stoves, and more for employees at home. The goal is to use corporations as a wedge to eliminate the 35+% of total US emissions from employees’ energy use. It's a huge, messy problem, but one that we think software can help solve!

Our Team

We are engineers, scientists, and tech leaders committed to slowing climate change. We're early in our journey, funded by awesome investors, and looking to bring on core team members to help us scale. 

About the Role

We are looking for a founding team member to own Sales and Business Development. Primary responsibilities include early sales of SaaS benefits software to HR or Sustainability teams in US corporations, building our distribution, and partnering with vendors of electrification products & services to include in our marketplace.


  • Interest in working for a mission-driven company fighting climate change.
  • Desire to be a founding team member with the associated responsibility and upside.
  • Experience with HR/benefits or other SaaS software.

Diverse or nontraditional candidates are encouraged to apply! If you are interested but think a different role is better for you, we’re also looking for founding hires in Ops/Support, Product, Frontend Eng/Design, and Content.

The company is fully remote, but US-only for now (the team so far is physically in the SF Bay Area and Denver). For the right person, we could make Canada work.

Climate benefits
Size:  1-10 employees
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